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Thread: vegan baby in (very) cold weather

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    Question vegan baby in (very) cold weather


    does anybody here have experienced dressing up a baby in minus degrees? we live in Norway and have a 4 months old baby. Everyone around us wrap the trollies' with sheep skin, dress babies with wool and we would like to avoid it

    thanks! Hadas, Jens and baby Jonathan

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    Make sure you eat enough omega 6 fatty acids from nuts and seeds so your breast milk is rich in arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid is placed in the cell membranes to keep the cells warm and ultimately keep the body warm.

    As for clothing. You can try using more clothing, more sweaters and more pair of pants or try to find synthetic clothing that traps the heat in. I would recommend checking out a sports store and asking a competent person about ski clothes for babies. You can also search the internet for "ski clothes babies" to get an idea.

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    Default Re: vegan baby in (very) cold weather

    Have you thought about baby wearing? If you have your little one in a sling next to a parent's body with a large coat wrapped around both of you he is bound to be warm enough. I wore my children like this through cold UK winters - nothing like Norway but with the occasional minus temperature - and had cosy winter babies. Many people argue that this is better in many ways for the baby, have a read here:

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    Default Re: vegan baby in (very) cold weather

    But who needs wool today?
    There's so many synthetic fibers available today with good warming effect...

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: vegan baby in (very) cold weather

    Polar fleece and gortex seem to be two of the best fabrics to keep you warm and are manmade.

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    Default Re: vegan baby in (very) cold weather

    I know this is an older thread, but since I've been living in Quebec, Canada for the last few years where we experience lots of cold weather and long winters I just wanted to add: lots of layers!

    It's great to wear thermal gear underneath your clothing as well, but layers are fantastic since you can always take something off and if the layers are thin you're not so superbulky. I had a baby here and I carried him in a sling on me underneath a big coat for two winters (he was born just before the winter). I kept him warm and he kept me warm.

    And I definitely agree on the polar fleece and gortex. I often carried a little fleece blanket with me as well just to wrap around him for extra warmth underneath my coat if it was necessary and we have temperatures here sometimes during the day of colder than -20C, I do have to admit that I don't spend longer outside than I have to on those days. for stone ground, bean-to-bar, vegan, white, milk and dark, caramel and raw chocolate

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