Hello everyone, my name is Brian and I have been vegan for four years now. I am an avid hiker/camper/survivalist and I volunteer with animal rescue groups. I am writing this post in an effort to gain support for my cause. Next year, May 2014, I will be departing on a 2,665 mile journey from the US/Mexican border to the US/Canadian border on the PCT with my lovely girlfriend.

I am looking for sponsors who wish to help me fund and/or give gear/food supplies for the hike. I will be raising awareness for animal cruelty and breast cancer, as I am passionate about both of those subjects. My great grandmother and grandmother were breast cancer survivors but ultimately ended up succumbing to the horrible disease. I support many of my local animal shelters and I rescue as many animals as I can by taking them in and setting up adoptions for them to find a good home. I will be handing out stickers and pamphlets to other hikers and people I meet through out my 2,665 mile 5 month journey.

I have been emailing and mailing letters to various vegan/vegetarian companies for sponsorship to acquire their products to support my trip. Such as food or gear, or even funding. Anything and everything that helps me accomplish my goal. I will be supporting their product and telling everyone I meet how lovely their product is, and even take photos advertising their product throughout my expedition. (If you are an owner of a company I would love to gain your support and advertise your product.)

All unused funds/food/gear/etc will be donated to other hikers, or to various charities for breast cancer and animal shelters. I'm sorry if my post breaks any rules, but I would love to have the support of fellow vegans and/or hikers. I will also provide proof when I come back from my trip, that I donated my supplies to the various charities of my choice.

Finally, here is where you can donate. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post!