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Thread: Foods which are easy on digestion

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    Default Foods which are easy on digestion

    Does anyone know what vegan foods are easy on digestion?

    Every time I eat something with beans etc in I bloat

    So far I've found out that white rice , porridge , red lentils , stewed apple and banana are OK but then they start going on about eggs and chicken

    I can't just live on that so any suggestions would be welcome.

    I am also keeping a food diary to see if I can pinpoint foods as I add them back in (although I will be eating out a few times next week so I will probably look like I have Santa belly next week!)

    thank you

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    Default Re: Foods which are easy on digestion

    It probably depends on the individual digestion - am sorry if I've missed an earlier discussion. I sometimes find insoluble fibre irritates mine but things like white bread (not necessarily the industrial kind) and white pasta are usually OK at these times. Some people also find spelt easier to digest than ordinary wheat (it does contain gluten, but a different kind I think). Also potatoes, without the skins if the problem is fibre-related.

    Tofu is OK for me but I sometimes have trouble with other forms of soya especially TVP. You're probably best experimenting with small quantities of different foods to see how you get on.

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    Default Re: Foods which are easy on digestion

    Personally, for me, I find that *affects an Irish accent* - "pataytoes" are always good even when I've been ill with stomach flu in the past. Roasted, boiled, baked especially, whatever... They just always seem to be my staple food.

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    Default Re: Foods which are easy on digestion


    Sorry if I'm resurrecting a slightly old topic, but I have suffered a similar problem. I found that I got very bloated and windy eating certain foods in large quantities, especially soya. I generally avoid soya based foods now and get on much better with oat milk, almond based 'cheese' and seitan.

    I read that certain foods contain sugars which aren't easily digestible to some and pass down to the lower intestine where they ferment and produce excessive gas. They call them FODMAP containing foods - it might be worth checking the Wikipedia entry here, and this chart of high and low FODMAP foods. It might be that that isn't what's going on with you but it's worth looking into.

    It'd be unrealistic to avoid everything on that list, but I find it helpful to know what not to eat in large amounts, and I avoid for example eating several meals in a row with onions, or don't combine many offending foods in the same meal.

    Good luck with your food diary!

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