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Thread: Need inspiration! Please help :)

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    Default Need inspiration! Please help :)

    Hi all

    I've been vegan for 4 years. Always done lots of cooking etc and enjoyed what i was eating. Life changed a lot in the last year and i stopped cooking really. Now trying to get back into it but stuck with a few certain meals I cook for me and my girlfriend (she eats meat so some of these things invole her adding meat or cheese!).

    We tend to have:

    - Fajitas
    - Pasta with veg sauce
    - Homemade chips and veggie burgers
    - Homemade felafel
    - Stir fry with noodles and cashews
    - Jacket potatoes
    - Veggie chilli
    - Spag bol

    Thing is, meals either need to be quick (like stir fry) or able to do in advance (like pasta sauce etc) because we both work crazy shifts and she gets home very late so there's no time for cooking really.

    Any ideas or thoughts would be awesome! Thankyouuuuu xx

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    Oh also i make a veggie korma or thai green curry.

    Should have mentioned...she doesn't love vegetables that much (which is why i don't do things like stews) and doesn't like spicy food!

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    Hi Muffin

    All of those meals sound good to me You can mix it up by using different sauces and veggies. Although I haven't been cooking much recently so perhaps I am not the best to offer advice *blush*
    Houmous atá ann!

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    Default Re: Need inspiration! Please help :)

    I make refried beans that are so good!

    dry pinto, black, kidney and chickpeas.
    cut up an onion, chile pepper (to your tastes or not), fresh raw garlic

    soak it all overnight by adding 3x more water than beans, the beans will soak up the water.

    Boil it lightly for 30-45 minutes, drain off the water, but save it, and then mash or food process it down. Add some water as you go to help the mixture get to the consistency you like. The beans will stiffen up a bit after some time in the fridge, but not too much. I usually make then a bit creamy.

    These are great for a quick snack, throw it on a tortilla and add some veggies and avocado and you've got a burrito with some good stuff. The beans taste good because of the onion and garlic infuse the beans and then get cooked down. Great flavor.

    You can also add cayenne pepper for taste, cashews for consistency (creaminess and some fats) or other spices that you like.

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