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Thread: Sprouted beans???

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    Default Sprouted beans???

    I used to sprout lentils and eat them but now I want to branch out and try different beans. Can you sprout and eat any bean raw? I have read that some of them are toxic until you cook them. Does anyone have an know? Thanks.

    Also I used to grow my sprouts in a glass jar with some metal mesh over the top held with a rubber band. Do I need to have the jars exposed to air? Can I just put them in a strainer when I am washing them? I want to keep some sprouts at work and I dont want to spill them by accident.

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    Default Re: Sprouted beans???

    There have been one or two food poisoning scares to do with kidney beans so I would avoid those. Mung beans and chick peas seem to be fine, not sure what others would be good. Of course there are also a lot of seeds you can sprout - alfalfa, red clover, fenugreek, radish and all sorts.

    I think they do need air to sprout but maybe you could use something like a screw-top jar with holes pierced in the lid to avoid accidents?

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    I use a large jar with a wide neck. I rinse with fresh water twice a day and just use my hand to strain the water off after rinsing. In between times, I place a sheet of kitchen paper over the top, secured with a rubber band.
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    Default Re: Sprouted beans???

    I used to sprout my own a lot but now I buy them ready sprouted with my organic veg box delivery - easier

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