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    Talking Vegan Birmingham, UK

    Hi all!

    Does anyone know any good Vegan restaurants in Birmingham? Or anywhere that has lots of Vegan alternatives? I want to open my partners eyes to the joys of Vegan dining

    Also, anyone else Birmingham based? Some Vegan local support would be of great help!

    Have a beautiful day.

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    Hiya - there are some members from that part of the world but I'm not sure if they're around at the moment.

    The Vegan Society is based there so you shouldn't have to look too far for support I see there is a meetup group there so you could have a look at where they go and maybe go along to one of their dos

    It's a while since I was there and I'm afraid I can't remember where we ate but I seem to remember doing quite well, mainly in Indian places I think. Am sure you've seen - Happycow can get out of date so it's worth looking on Tripadvisor as well to see what's still open.

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    hiya, there warehouse cafe is veggie and has lots of vegan things too- however i had heard a rumour it had closed so you might want to check it out. if you dont mind just vegan friendly places then you will find lots of places to eat. i have recently been to sabai sabai in Harborne ( i think there is one in moseley too)- there were loads of tofu based meals on the menu and i checked that it was dairy-free. we also eat out a lot in curry houses, i just make sure that they know to cook the food in oil rather than ghee. henry wongs in harborne also does some nice tofu dishes. la plancha (tapas) in moseley also has a fair few thngs on offer. however these places all sell meat things too so i dont know if it's exactly what you're after. i have just found that there are easy places to eat. i was spolit for choice at sabai sabai! (thai). hope this is of some help x

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    Quote chickpea1 View Post
    hiya, there warehouse cafe is veggie and has lots of vegan things too- however i had heard a rumour it had closed
    The One Earth Shop which was entirely vegan was closed 'awaiting new tenants' as of two weekends before Christmas, but the Warehouse Café was still trading then (I think).

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