Its been a while since I have posted here!! But I am still alive, just been very busy!

I am trying to get a Vegan Building Network (UK) up and running. The idea of the group is to allows vegans with in the building and construction (and related trades) to network and build connections. In the hope we can create site teams that are, all or predominantly vegan. (ie the builder, the sparky, the carpenter and plasterer and hopefully the client too!!)

Initially, I have made a facebook group, until we have a few members or a core group and we can decide how we wish to develop moving forward. I felt facebook was the most accessible for most people. i only started it a couple of days ago and already have a builder, sparky & a plumber!

I have ideas for future networking events (I am looking at hosting an event in Birmingham, probably a few speakers and a general mixing & swapping of ideas and then maybe to warehouse for some food!).I also have ideas for using the group for marketing to vegans (as clients) to keep peoples vegan pounds vegan.

The facebook group is here (i hope you can just request to join)

- - - Updated - - -

So, to introduce myself...

I have be but have been vegan for nearly 16yrs. I am a civil engineer by trade but have been specialising in asbestos consultancy & soil engineering for the past 10yrs. I do asbestos surveys, consultancy & asbestos removal. We also do site investigations and soil testing. I employ around 20 people unfortunately only two of us are vegan. I'll work anywhere in the UK.

Maybe others could introduce themselves here too as well as joining the group. Cheers.