Calling all Hawaiian vegans or those of you that have any friends there! Aloha!

I just moved to Hawaii and am currently renting a place just temporarily for the next week and a half.. not having much luck finding a room within my budget let alone a vegan one! Really appreciate anyone that may have or know of a room to rent.. even temporarily would be great!

Btw.. even if you don't and you currently live in Oahu it'd be great to meet a few more vegans : )

Here's my ad: Easy-going female looking to rent a room in Hawaii. (Preferably in a veggie/vegan house.)

I'm a professional in art, design & media currently seeking work on Oahu so my budget will be tight initially. I don't need plush surroundings or lots of space/storage so room-size/decor is not an issue (unless decor is from the 80's.. have to draw the line somewhere!) As long as there's enough space for a bed/mattress, small desk and chair I'm happy but will settle for just mattress space if need be. Somewhere quite and chilled with compassionate people - a house with character welcomed!

Any work/trades for reduced rent etc also welcomed. I have housekeeper/house/pet-sitting references as well as standard tenancy.

I am currently renting in Honolulu so preferably somewhere not too far out of town that I can cycle or bus to work.

About me:

Considerate (I make muffins on demand!)

Quiet & Respectful (Unless you eat all the muffins!!)

Ethical & Eco-friendly (I use only cruelty-free products and am an expert in cleaning technologies.. baking soda and elbow grease!)

Clean & tidy (I wash, I'm not messy!)

Non-smoker (I don't mind smokers but just not in the house)

Social drinker (Not a lush!)

Coffee drinker (Total lush!)

Yoga Guru (Not!! but I try!)

Pro surfer and wind-surfer, well… when I say Pro I mean I'm all for trying them even though I keep falling off!

About you:

Has a room to rent

Likes muffins!

If you have any questions please get in touch and make reference to this ad so I can spend more time filtering coffee than spam!

Thanks for reading and if you don't have what I'm looking for but know someone who might, I'd be very grateful if you'd pass my ad on.

If none of the above has interested you then now is a good time to tell you the muffins** are good/good, vegan, low in fat and sugar so there!

**If I had you at muffins then know that I can also make good/bad muffins! And I haven't even posted my brownies-versioned ad yet!

Mahalo! : )

Disclaimer: I may have had too much coffee while composing this ad!