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Thread: Eating Sugar - Feeling Rubbish Afterwards

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    Default Eating Sugar - Feeling Rubbish Afterwards

    Hey Guys

    Don't know if its a common thing but since going vegan (2009) I have slowly stopped eating sugary foods. I found it to be helpful calming my IBS down and also found it helped with anxiety issues. Each time I now eat sugar in foods (I mean refined sugar) such as in baked things I make I always feel lethargic and lightheaded afterwards. Had my blood tested and all levels are brilliant including my B12 level to the surprised of my GP lol.

    Anyone else get this and how do you think I could get around it? I was thinking perhaps using a different type of sugar such as maple syrup which I love.



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    Default Re: Eating Sugar - Feeling Rubbish Afterwards

    I used to live off sugar; chocolate and cake. Now I'm vegan if I eat a sugary piece of cake I spend the next 8 or so hours feeling nauseous, lightheaded and worst of all my chest really hurts, it feels like I'm having a really long panic attack, my heart races for hours. I'm sticking with fruit sugars from now on, it's not worth the sickness. To sweetened anything I use agave nectar, maple syrup is too sickeningly sweet for my tastes. This post probably isn't very helpful to you.

    Do vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, beans etc cause IBS issues for you?
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