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Thread: Are Clif bars vegan?

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    Default Are Clif bars vegan?

    According to the company all of the original Clif bars (and most of their other products) are vegan. However, they have a lot of added vitamins, some of which are sometimes derived from animal sources. I contacted them and they said that the vitamins are added as enrichments, not naturally occuring in the ingredients. They claim they are all derived from vegan sources, but with a few dozen added vitamins, is it true that every single one of them is derived from vegan sources or do they just assume/claim that they are? Someone else contacted them about the B12 specifically, and was told that they source their B12 from microorganisms, so that's fine, but what about the other enrichments like folic acid? Has anyone here ever looked into it? Thanks.

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    If any E numbers or the like are listed try the handy reference app "is it vegan?" or the one with the same name but "isitvegan" as this one allows barcode scanning. Sorry I can't be more help, judging by what they said it seems fine though I must say.

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