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Thread: High energy raw snacks

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    Default High energy raw snacks

    Most often, when I do raw snacks they are date/nut based combos.

    I'm looking for something to snack on during labour, so I'd prefer something with a reasonably balanced GI, and nothing stimulating like cocoa as adrenaline inhibits the earlier stages of labour.

    We will probably be home birthing, but anything that can easily be packed up and shipped to hospital in case we need to transfer would be good

    Obviously I don't know exactly when I'm going to go into labour, so stuff with a good shelf life is useful too.
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    Default Re: High energy raw snacks

    No idea, but congratulations! Won't the fruits and nuts do for this purpose, she enquires ignorantly?

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    Few high energy bars here for ya:

    Best of luck! : )

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