I adopted a dog from a shelter three months ago. He is generally a quiet, sweet dog, but he has some behaviour problems. He is much less anxious than when he arrived, but he has sudden moments of aggression. He has bitten me twice, and he has also tried to bite my other dog, which is the reason I cannot keep him. He is also possessive over food and growls if he thinks you are going to take something away from him. Apart from these moments of aggression, he is friendly and affectionate. He likes to give his paw, and he rolls over for me to stroke his tummy. I was told that he might not have very good sight, but he runs around like any other dog. He has a disease called leishmaniasis, something caused by a mosquito bite, but apart from needing a tablet every day and a vet check every six months, it does not affect him on a daily basis.

He would need time and patience, and maybe some work with a behaviourist, but I think he will become a calm dog. I wish I could give him what he needs, but things are not improving between him and my other dog, and I cannot take the risk of something happening between them.

I think he needs a quiet home with a person who has no other animals, and definitely no children. I adopted him from a shelter abroad, and if I cannot find another home here in the UK, he will have to go back there, which will be horrible for him. I have a week to find someone who could take him and give him a good home.

He is a little white dog, a bit like a white corgi with a wolf's face. I can send pictures if anyone is interested in knowing more about him.

He is a lovely little dog. He deserves a home where he will be loved and given lots of attention. I only wish I could keep him.