Just emailed Corporate Social Responsibility types at Costa, Starbucks and Caffe Nero as their sustainability and environmental talk always goes on about the coffee side of things but never the milk.

I prefer to drink in indie shops anyway (largely for these reasons) but I pointed out that:

I'd like to take this opportinity to question an aspect of your Environmental Responsibility principles please, or at least propose a consideration.
"if there's a true pledge to sustainability then you would stock, and actively promote, the use of non-dairy milks much more visually given the outlandish drain of resources that the rearing of farmed animals imparts upon the environment".

"An ad run featuring other milks for certain existing product lines would see the public realise how delicious certain alternatives are (have you ever tried Hazelnut or Almond milk on cereal??) and you can claim sustainability kudos on these ads and then some."

"Non dairy milk usage has risen 155% in the last two years. That's worth reading again."

"If you are serious, and want to capitalise on the growing number of health conscious coffee drinkers out there it might be worth promoting this more? Many people are becoming aware of the health disadvantages of dairy milk (and are aware it's cheap for you and fair enough, economic sustainability counts) but more people are now (rightly) considering animal milk as little more than "pus riddled cancerous muck" and this trend will only continue."


"As a company that takes CSR seriously I hope you take these comments into account and in the meantime, I wish you well."


Fingers crossed.