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Thread: Fasting/Detox and a social night out. How to manage this

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    Default Fasting/Detox and a social night out. How to manage this

    I have a vacation from work for a week and I decided this is a good time to do a juice fast to restart a healthier diet and get rid some cravings. But my boyfriend also wants to go out during this time I have off from work. Maybe go to a movie and dinner. So he has been working hard also and I want him to be able to enjoy a dinner out. He eats an Omni diet although eating more veg since I have gone veg. My question is if I eat a salad with no fats and maybe have a vegetable without fats or crap on it will that disturb my detox much. I just didn't want to sit there and watch him eat and have something to nibble on. Is fasting on liquids (juice or water) more beneficial to eating raw veg and fruit for the detox. I have done berries for a week with water and had such great results I know I want to do something to get the same results. What are your experiences and opinions.

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    do you have to go out the same week, why can't he wait until the week after when you will both be able to enjoy it? why can't you wait a week until after you have been out to dinner to start your fast, taking juice to work is easy with the right container, i find it easier to juice fast at work as it's easier to keep busy and not think of food...
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