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Thread: Stella McCartney perfume

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    Default Stella McCartney perfume

    Hi, Does anyone know if Stella McCartney perfume is vegan. Or indeed any of her other products? I have been told and that they are but can't find any real evidence to support this claim. I know her website claims that her line is cruelty free but I can't see any endorsements or any actual proof.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello. If you google 'Stella McCartney perfume "vegan"' there are several sites that say it is vegan. (Putting quotes round the word "vegan" stops Google from finding "vegetarian" as well, I think.) Some mention that it is made by L'Oreal, which is involved in animal testing - not sure if this is true. You could write to the firm and check both these things - if you do please let us know what they say.

    I don't regard her range of clothes as cruelty-free as she uses wool and silk, I believe, though not leather or fur. But it's hard to find fashion lines that exclude wool and silk.

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