Oh dear - on several levels. Wife decided our memory mattress was failing in that it was too hot and it failed to recall its original flatness and was now a 3D map of valleys and mountain ridges. I was loathe to change it because it took ages to buy and its memory was still better than ours.
There we were in various bed shops in Chester asking for a mattress that conformed to wife's demands ie wasn't memory or gel and was medium to firm; plus my demands that no animal was harmed in its manufacture. ie no wool and no silk. Arrgh. But wool is natural and sheep have a happy time in their fields. I know everyone here will disagree with my vegan views here but nooo. It is a cruel existence. Farm animals do not live like in the Ladybird book of Farming. Sheep only live for half their natural lifespan of 12-15 years when their meat and wool is "needed" to make humans happy. Ask the ram if it enjoyed the electric shock given up its anus to force it to ejaculate sperm for Artificial Insemination. You'll have to wait for it to finish writhing on the ground.
Every shop assistant, when asked which mattresses were wool / silk free said, "Why are you allergic?" Only two appeared to respect my philosophical stand while they pointed out, sadly, that as with vegetarian shoes, belts and other products, the most expensive make use of animals while nasty plastics were often the only veggie alternatives. Several thought the word "Natural" meant wool, leather and silk until I pointed out that hemp, cotton and linen were also natural.
Finally we found the Ortho 1200 in John Lewis that was vegan and comfy. Then I asked the crunch question:
Does it absorb snoring? Perhaps to store the snore for release when no one is at home?
There's a niche in the market.