Hi all,

I am going to the gym at least 3 times a week and at the moment I do about 10 mins warmup on the treadmill varying the walking and jogging. I then do some arm and stomach exercises and sometimes finish with cross trainer exercises for 10 mins. The overall session is about 1 hour.
I have decided now that I want to just lose the belly fat (I am slim but work in an office so have podge on belly and obliques) and tone up.

Is there a recommended routine I can follow to lose belly fat and lose fat off obliques (love handles)?

I see some people at the gym that dont move from the cross trainer or treadmill so im guessing I dont need any other machine.

Im thinking of just staying on the treadmill or exercise bikes or something.. but I need a routine. Can anyone suggest a good way to lose belly fat on cardio machines eg run/walk on 'X' speed for 'X' minutes and then do this etc