Hello fellow vegans,
If I'm not careful, I will write a book as to where I have been since I joined more than 5 years ago lol *blush* but I won't go there because I imagine many people have been through this...life happens...crisis happens...I was very happy and thankful to find this wonderful vegan forum 10 years ago and I was actively posting and then my dear husband and I moved, lost our Internet, suffered some painful losses, and well, it has not been easy staying consistent. I'm returning here today as an "old" "new" poster because as wonderful as it is to hear about more people making the intelligent compassionate decision to go vegan, sadly, I'm surrounded by well ignoramuses...my only vegan friends are those I chat with on facebook and 1 friend in particular, we have been dear friends for 10 years, we have talked on the phone and sent cards to each other, but we haven't met face to face, but just like my husband and me, he has been a devoted vegan for more than 10 years and he too feels very alone. I am now a happy thankful new Mama of a cute beautiful little 3 yo boy and I love him very much and it saddens me very much that we have not found our village tribe and even when we shop at natural grocers and trader joe's, we are lucky if we meet 1 vegan in a month. *sigh* You know the song, "where have all the flowers gone"? well in our case, it's where have all the vegans gone? I'm sure there are many in Portland and Eugene, but that is 2 or more hours from where we are, and we rarely drive that far so at this time, our best treasured gift is the wonderful Internet. 1 thing I am wondering though and I'd love to know is are there any vegan members here who are also holistic and organic? I ask because I am a holistic organic greenie and I'd love to connect with some like minded folks like me who are Kindred Spirits. Okay, well, I forgot what else I was going to say, oops...thank you for listening and I look forward to connecting with new sweet wonderful friends. Oh before I forget to ask, how much more interaction and posts will I need to post in order to get an upgrade in my membership? I have some great vegan ideas to share. Peace Love