I found a good tasty coconut breaded vegan shrimp at the local Natural Grocers, but I bought it because I'm unable to find the 1 I want and I'm hoping someone here might be able to suggest where I can find the original I want online. I found a nice economical vegan big pkg/bag of vegan shrimp on vegan essentials and it's just what I want, but it's sold out and I'm having trouble finding it elsewhere...I like Sophie's, but it's not economical and I want to make many vegan dishes with shrimp, especially because I'm doing a rewrite of my cookbook and I need to some recipe testing. It contains vegan sugar, konjac, and is not breaded, slightly seasoned...I only want to order from a USA company because I need the shipping to be affordable. If anyone knows of something and has a suggestion, I'm listening, TIA