Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a big improvement in brain function whilst taking creatine supplements?
I have been living a vegan lifestyle for over 8 years or so now. More recently I have been struggling with concentration when studying for my degree course. I tried making improvements in my diet to make sure I was getting all the micro-nutrients and sufficient calories. I also have always taken a B12 tablet since going vegan.

Even after making sure my diet is OK etc, I still struggled with a brain fog and lack of clarity in my thinking and concentration. I have taken creatine in the past and it made a big difference and made me feel more alert. So I tried it again and I already feel way more alert and am able to study more successfully. I don't load up on creatine like bodybuilders do but I certainly feel a big difference when taking it as a fairly regular supplement. Anyone else experience this?