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    Question Vegan Wedding Cake


    Does anyone know of a company/bakery in Scotland that can make vegan wedding cakes? I went to one of those wedding shows (stop laughing in the back) and was informed by nearly every bakery representative that it could not be done!

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Maybe they meant it couldn't be done as in without Royal Icing - which is egg white and sugar - and I don't think you could in anyway 'veganise' that (if anyone knows different please tell ).

    You could definitely have a vegan fruit cake (which is traditional wedding cake fayre) or taking a more american slant - chocolate cake, carrot cake, etc with a vegan frosting on top.

    Sorry I don't know of any actual bakeries though - do you have any friends/family etc who are good at baking who might feel up to the challenge??
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    Im not sure if they have branches everywhere but in newcastle
    "Greek Continental" do lots of vegan cakes.

    If not - Im sure any small independant bakery that is any good should be able to do one.


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