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Thread: Poor vegan, cheap living

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    Hey guys...
    I am a parentless uni student, who supports herself, and up until recently, I have been lazy and have been living off expensive pre-packaged vegan meals coz I can't be stuffed cooking. Now that has to change coz I can't afford to pay for those things anymore. I know what is this is what I keep at home as staples:

    - Rolled oats, mini wheats (wholewheat), brown rice, wholewheat couscous, wholegrain bread, olive oil, yellow split peas, red lentils, chickpeas, rice milk (with calcium), orange juice (with calcium), natural peanut butter, sultanas, dried apricots, prunes, rice cakes, vegemite (yeast extract), jam, canned fruit snacks (like peaches and apple puree), apples, bananas, lemons/limes, oranges, pears...if they are cheap then strawberries and kiwifruit etc...also basic veggies like potatos, onions, garlic, ginger, tomatos, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, carrots and capsicum...I can;t afford to buy greens, although I love stirfry. Sometimes as a treat, dried mango and pineapple!!!!

    Anyway, the only thing I know how to cook is a mean dhal...but I doubt I can live off dhal and rice does anyone have any ideas on cooking batches of stuff for dinner, or cheap meals ... also for sandwiches...I also can't live off peanut butter/vegemite/jam/avocado...I am not very tolerant of nuts in large amounts! I love indian food and would love to know more vegan indian bean/pulse recipes (no coconut please - I hate coconut and I also hate tofu/soy - and no sugar coz I have blood sugar issues from my anorexia)

    Thanks heaps

    Here's a delicious Indian butternut squash and chickpea recipe.

    Also, has some good vegan Indian dishes

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    Hey guys, haven't been here for a while..sorry (In fact I owe Korn an apology and an email...) - however, just spotted this at Approved Foods.

    They have Shoyu (wheat free soya sauce) for 29p a bottle (!!!) and Organic Walnut Pieces for 39p a pack or 1£ for 3. Bargain!

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    In fact I owe Korn an apology and an email
    No need for an apology, thegreenjudy, but just send me a private message if you want!
    I will not eat anything that walks, swims, flies, runs, skips, hops or crawls.

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    Thanks Blueberries! Here is the recipe for the white bean energy bars (the only item listed in there that isnt vegan is honey which can easily be substituted with agave or any other sweetener):

    This page has a generic template for making energy bars with a variety of options:

    I made the white bean energy bars once for my husband and I and didn't tell him what was in it and he loved them! lol.
    I finally got around to making these! They were really nice, you can't taste the beans at all, they just taste like dense oat bars.
    Houmous atá ann!

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    The forum are all crazy i can't write decent here

    My last try...


    - Oats
    - Rice
    - Pasta


    - Quinoa
    - Lentils
    - Green peas
    - Beans natural
    - Chickpeas natural


    - Nuts
    - Peanut butter
    - Peanuts
    - Olive oil

    Brain Food

    - Dates
    - Raisins
    - Coconut oil

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