Hi, with regards to Chinese food, do be careful as most restaurants will use chicken stock for the gravy in everything.
Some are getting better now though such as The Good earth where they have vegan options using soya protein.
All the sauces such as BBQ and curry will have been pre made daily with chicken stock, with the exception of sweet and sour. If you do want curry ask them to make fresh for you as they usually make a massive vat monthly using loads veg and curry powder etc.
Everytime I go for Chinese food or Cantonese food I constantly have to tell them not to use any meat or fish stock or oyster sauce. But they don't mind. Especially if you tell them that you are Buddhist. I don't think they quite understand what a vegan is yet. Oh and let them know that you can eat mushrooms and garlic otherwise they may leave these ingredients out due to the Buddhism thing.

With noodles, some lo mein has no egg in it. You can have ho fun which is rice noodles but the fatter version. Or there's vermicelli the stick like rice noodles. The sweetcorn soup will be made with chicken stock. Without this they may put a lot of msg into it. Or soy sauce. So not very tasty really. Unless they say they have veggie stock. Few and far between I'm afraid.

if you like your dim sum and live in London there's ping pong that does a really good selection of vegan friendly dim sum. Although the service is absolutley attrocious. China boulevard is ok for dim sum but actually has a great vegan set menu. If you go for the steamed buns with red bean or lotus seed paste ask them first whether they have duck egg in it or not. Many seem to add this to them for some reason. Or there's Wing Yip by Croydon that does some vegan dumplings and beancurd rolls. Ooh fancy dim sum now.
I usually order cheung fun (made with rice flour)
spinach dumpling
veggie beancurd rolls
monks vegetable cheung fun
ho fun with Lo hon chai (this is like monks vegetable) with added tofu. I like to know I am getting something yummy to bite into.
salt and chilli tofu

when it comes to Indian food I always ask them not to put ghee into it. The curry houses I go to are always very good at letting me know what has what in it.

ooh happy eating