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Thread: A Win for the Animals

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    The CrueltyFreeShop newsletter thanks everyone who wrote to the mayor of Ballarat about the horrible conditions at the Learmonth puppy farm (Cruelty Free Shop Newsletter October 04). The good new is that Animal Liberation Victoria's 10 year fight to shut down this, the largest puppy farm in Australia, has ended in victory with Ballarat Council announcing the farm will close at the end of July 2005. The misery is almost over for the dogs, but not for owner Ron Wells who has been called up before the Victorian Veterinary Registration Board and asked to explain cruelty and neglect allegations. For a full report and photos of the action go to

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    Is he steill breeding till the dateline?. What will happen to the dogs that are there?. How many dogs are there?.

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    The numbers were down to 200 odd by the time the closure was announced, we are deeply concerned about what will become of those animals until the july deadline and are doing all we can to get the council to allow us to take them out legally as ALV has been approached by organisations who can home them all.

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    Quote adam antichrist
    ALV has been approached by organisations who can home them all.
    I really hope they can all go to good homes, poor little sods.
    A bit rattled

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