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Thread: call for animal activist law changes

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    Thumbs down call for animal activist law changes

    The Victorian Nationals' Leader has accused the State Govt of not acting to eliminate the threat animal activists pose to agricultural industries. Peter Ryan is calling on the Attorney-General to change the law so that people who cause economic harm to producers can be convicted.

    The call comes after a Geelong court acquitted an animal activist who admitted to contaminating sheep feed lots with ham.

    Mr Ryan raised the issue in Parliament yesterday, and says the Government urgently needs to act to fix the legal loophole. "... what we have to do is change the law and then we can get the convictions which should be recorded from those who want to indulge themselves in this sort of activity," he said.

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    Default Re: call for animal activist law changes

    Yeah then we can be like England where somone who does an armed robbery gets 2 years and someone who smashes the window of a vivisectors car or house gets 6 years.

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