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Thread: Curious About Mesotherapy

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    Default Curious About Mesotherapy

    Heard a fascinating program about it on NPR (national public radio) and was wondering if anyone here can tell me a little more about mesotherapy...

    Anyone try it?

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    Default Re: Curious About Mesotherapy

    Haven't got a clue. What is it?

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    Default Re: Curious About Mesotherapy

    Just googled and found this, among many others:
    Mesotherapy, the latest fat-melting fad, is a half-century-old technique from France that involves hundreds of injections and is touted as an alternative to liposuction. "It's more than hope in a bottle," says Marion Shapiro, a retired emergency room doctor in New York who has started a new career as a "mesotherapist," injecting people with a cocktail of plant extracts, vitamins and medications (such as a drug for treating asthma). The concoction is supposed to stimulate fat cells to shed fat.

    "Our results are not surgical, there are fewer complications and less downtime, and that's why mesotherapy is going to become more popular than liposuction," Shapiro says. It's called mesotherapy because the injections go under the skin and are absorbed by the mesodermal, or middle, layer. Then, you're supposed to shed weight the same way you do when you diet and exercise, excreting fat in waste. But you can still regain the weight.

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    Default Re: Curious About Mesotherapy

    Thanks, eve

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    Default Re: Curious About Mesotherapy

    Ha! I was at the skin specialist the other day, having all my moles checked, and I was reading about that procedure in a magazine in the waiting room. Sounds icky!!

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    Default Re: Curious About Mesotherapy

    According to the program I heard on NPR, weight loss is only one possible application (not the weight loss method I would opt for).

    On the program they said you could treat all sorts of conditions with it by injecting vitamin supplements in liquid form at about 1/200th the oral dose with many times the positive effect with much less side effects than taking the supplements orally.

    But like Eve, all I found on Google was weight loss. I was hoping somebody knew more about other, more useful applications.

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