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Thread: New vegan? Before you ask questions...

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    Exclamation New vegan? Before you ask questions...

    Hello & welcome!

    If you have registered yet, you may have noticed that this is a site for vegans or for people who have decided to go vegan (or seriously consider it).

    Like all other boards, we've had people who just come here to argue, for example people who pretend that they consider going vegan, but who only use their membership to argue against vegan viewpoints. Some of these claim to be 'almost vegans', but we've had several examples of lacto-vegetarians who initially claim that they want to switch, but who use every possible post to argue pro use of egg and dairy products, even after many months.

    Maybe we should have two forums: one like meant for vegans, and one for people who enjoy arguing pro/con veganism. Why not invite everybody, vegans or not, into all the subforums? Simply because the whole idea behind this site is to create a place where we can communicate about things from a vegan perspective, without the often tedious interruptions from non-vegans who often repeat the same few questions and arguments again and again and again.

    For now we have only this forum to offer. We understand that many of you have questions, and that these questions often are the same questions we've been asked before, so I'll provide a list of links below, which points to threads around the forum which focus on some of the most frequently asked questions.

    We have a built in search function. If you use Google, you can type before your keyword(s), which will let you find posts in our forum that even our built-in search engine sometimes can't.

    If you consider going vegan, and your questions aren't answered after having looked around, just go ahead and post!

    Here are some of the threads we think will be of particular interest for new visitors:

    Why vegan?

    Do vegans need supplements? What do you take?

    Vegans and eggs

    Vegans and fish: only about not causing physical pain?

    Arguments against dairy products

    Nutrient deficiency more common in meat eaters than in vegans

    B12 'analogues' – not only in plants

    Vitamin B12 in plants?

    50 ways to develop B12 deficiency

    Did humans always eat meat?

    Are there any good arguments PRO eating animal products at all?

    Favorite breakfast food?

    Favorite sandwich filling/bread spread?

    Food you eat really often

    What do you have for dinner?

    Vegan cookbooks


    Vegan egg substitutes



    Vegan Omega-3

    Vegan protein

    What are your favorite vegan protein sources?

    The Calcium Thread

    The definition of the word 'vegan'

    Vegan raw food

    Is it vegan?

    Links for new vegans

    Links for people who question if a vegan diet can be healthy

    FAQ and board guidelines

    Say hello - here!

    All the best,

    PS - we also have a subforum containing various polls that might interest you.

    Here are some of the polls:

    Top 50: the most common comments from meat eaters

    How has the change to a vegan diet affected you?

    Honestly: Do you think vegan food is as tasty as the food you ate before?

    Do you have more or less energy now than before you became a vegan?

    Do you eat more or less varied food now than you did when you were eating meat and dairy products?
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    Default Re: New visitor? Before you ask questions...

    Dear newcomers, here's a little video that someone just sent me... it contains some general info about foruming.

    I have a feeling that most of our users must have seen it already, because they have been very good at 'forum etiquette' lately!

    Posting and you

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    Default Re: New vegan? Before you ask questions...

    Since the "Polls" and "More Polls" subforums have been removed - and all the polls have been moved to other subforums - I'm bumping this thread now. Some of these polls may be useful for newbies who wonder how our members have experienced their transition to eating vegan.
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    Default Re: New vegan? Before you ask questions...

    Thanks Korn for your thoughtfully prepared list for those of us wanting to make the transition to veganism. Also, if I have a question I will first do as you suggested and Google before my keyword to see what pops up. You rock!

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