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Thread: GP / Physician recommendations?

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    Default GP / Physician recommendations?

    Hello. Anybody know of a good doctor(s) - general and/or women's health - in the Washington, DC area? I am an ethical vegan (10 years plus 4 more as a vegetarian) and I need a doctor that is good with that. I recently moved to DC and want to avoid doctors that offer philosphically conflicting advice - such as I need to eat fish or dairy, etc. I also need the doctor(s) to offer BCBS CareFirst Insurance (I can and will look into that for any suggested docs, but I just can't rely on holistic services without the insurance plans)...

    Thanks for any recommendations!

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    Default Re: Physician in DC?

    Try HERE cosmic. The link was found on the PCRM website.

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    Default GP in NYC area

    Yet again the company I work for is switching health care providers (back to Oxford). When we initially signed up with Oxford I randomly chose someone, but now that we're switching again it would be nice to have a doctor that is actually recommended. Anyone see a vegan-friendly doctor in the New York area? Or at least one who is not vegan hostile?

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