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    Cool Film features vegan athletes

    Film features vegan athletes

    By Erin Madison, Wednesday, June 29, 2005,

    Three Corvallis residents are making a movie that will track a week in the lives of three vegan athletes.

    The full-length film will be a combination of instructional video, documentary and reality show, said Robert Cheeke, the Corvallis resident who came up with the idea for the movie and one of the film's three subjects.

    Cheeke is a professional bodybuilder and a vegan, meaning he doesn't eat or use animal products. His diet consists of plant-based foods, and he doesn't wear leather or fur.

    "It's kind of a strict lifestyle," he said.

    It's also a healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, Cheeke said.

    Tonya Kay, one of the other athletes who appears in the film, even uses vegetable oil instead of gasoline in her car, Cheeke said.

    Cheeke hosts a Web site focused on vegan nutrition in conjunction with bodybuilding and fitness. The site gets a lot of visits and receives numerous e-mails about vegan lifestyles.

    "There's obviously a lot of interest," Cheeke said.

    That's what prompted him to make a movie.

    "As far as I know, this is the first video of its kind," he said.

    In addition to Cheeke, the movie features Kay, a professional dancer and part of the off-Broadway group STOMP, and Brendan Brazier, a professional triathlete.

    The video examines each athlete's specific nutrition needs.

    "We're calling ourselves the vegan fitness team," Cheeke said.

    The team has hats and T-shirts that the athletes and filmmakers have worn at various fitness events and other places they've gone to film.

    Corvallis filmmakers Kyle and Brendan Bucy have spent the past week shooting the movie.

    The group went to Bend to film Brazier in an Ironman half-triathlon, went hiking in McDonald Forest and has been filming workouts at Gold's Gym in Corvallis. The filmmakers also got some footage at First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op, where the athletes talked about food choices.

    The three athletes have even been living in the same house for the past few days. The movie will show their day-to-day activities, as well as food preparation and what they keep in the cupboards.

    The group did a fair amount of filming in the car on the way to Bend, with Brazier talking about his pre-race rituals, and stopped at vegan-friendly stores along the way.

    Weather permitting, Cheeke hopes to do some filming later this week of the group training at the beach. This would also be a chance for Brazier to show off the wetsuits he uses during the swimming portions of triathlons.

    The film is mainly geared toward people who are already vegan and interested in becoming better athletes, Cheeke said. However, athletes who are interested in going vegan would probably appreciate the film, too.

    "It will be enjoyable for a lot of people," Cheeke said.

    There's even some comedy in the film, he said.

    In one section, for instance, some of Cheeke's friends talk about his transformation from a scrawny, 130-pound high school kid to a 200-pound bodybuilder.

    The film is yet to be named. The group has brainstormed about 20 possible titles, but Cheeke wants to wait to pick one that everyone agrees on.

    The movie will be available in DVD format, probably around October, he said. He hasn't decided on a price yet. Cheeke will be selling the DVD on his Web site, and the two other athletes, who both have Web sites of their own, will be doing the same. It may also be available at and possibly at the First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op.

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    Default Re: Film features vegan athletes

    Thank you for posting that.

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    Default Vegan Movie Reviews

    Hello all,

    Our NEW Replicated DVDS should be here in about 10 days so I'm excited about that!

    Here are some reviews we've had so far.

    For those who have watched Vegan Fitness Built Naturally, I hope you enjoyed it and I thank you for the support!

    You can view a trailer/order on

    Movie Reviews:

    "Vegan Fitness Built Naturally" teaches you how to thrive on a vegan lifestyle. Robert, Tonya, and Brendan show you how easy, fun, and delicious it is to take your health to the next level.

    -- Erik Marcus, Publisher of and Author of "Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Money"

    "Vegan Fitness: Built Naturally" is a wonderful video that shows what athletes can do when they set their minds to it. Through healthy living, eating and showing the highest dedication to their sport, these three athletes are breaking the "vegan stereotype" to pieces. It is definitely a must see for all aspiring athletes who want that motivation to push them to the next level, and also a good resource for everyone else."

    Michael A. Brazell CFT CSN MAT Certified Fitness Specialist Assistant Campaigner | Vegan Health and Fitness People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

    Dear Robert,

    I just wanted to let you know that I really thought the DVD was great and very professional in its appearance. I received it probably about 2 weeks ago and have already watched it a couple times, after showing it to some friends and family. Everyone I showed truly enjoyed it and appreciated the way in which it is spreading the vegan fitness message. I think the three of you, Tonya, Brendan, and yourself are an interesting trio. You really seem to balance each other out. There is Tonya, who is highly charismatic, loves the camera, and always "chipper" as she says in the DVD. She has great energy about her. Then there is Brendan, who is on the other side of the extreme, a more passive and subdued energy, but highly intelligent and well-spoken. He keeps the video feeling very professional. Then there is you. It is funny because you are in the middle of the two. You are well-spoken and professional in the DVD, but are also great in front of the camera and bring a nice energy to the video. You really hold the fort down well and bring the video full circle with Tonya and Brendan. It is funny, because the combination of personalities is what really makes the video work so well I feel. Anyway, great job with the DVD and I hope it is highly successful! Keep up all you do in making this world a better place!


    Hi Robert,

    I just finished watching my copy of your DVD "Vegan Fitness, Built Naturally". I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would.

    I am a raw food chef and want to take my activity level up a few notches. I enjoyed how all 3 of the athletes were a little different in personality and style. The differences made it a well rounded presentation.

    It was great to work out with the three of you, go to a potluck, go shopping and get your personal insights all via DVD. Seeing that you guys have actually achieved such a high level of athleticism on a vegan diet makes me very inspired and proud. I will be passing the DVD around to my friends and family.

    -Rebecca M. Long Beach, CA

    I found " Vegan Fitness: Built Naturally" to be an enjoyable and inspirational piece of film. With a mixture of real-life footage from vegan shopping trips, nutritional advice, workout programs, and touching personal accounts of the vegan lifestyle, this DVD had it all. There is a general likeability with all three stars of the video - Robert Cheeke, Brendan Brazier, and Tonya Kay - and also a greater sense that each are powerful authorities on all aspects of the vegan fitness lifestyle. An interesting semblance is created among the three characters, as each adds their own creative personality to form an appealing and pleasant balance. The trio has a remarkable way of playing off of each other's wit, humor, and intelligence to make a very fun but professional video. With a powerful music soundtrack, engaging footage, and heart-felt reflections, this well-produced DVD is recommended to all vegans and non-vegans alike!

    Daniel Dziadul
    East Windsor, CT

    I just finished watching the Vegan Fitness Built Naturally DVD. I recommend everyone watch it and consider your own lifestyle. Take care of yourselves. I was so inspired to watch such unique individuals standing up for what they believe in. GO VEGAN!

    We are responsible for lowering the risks of cancer, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes; it's within your power. You can help. Go Robert! Go Tonya! Go Brendan! Thanks for showing what athletes can do to make a difference, VEGGIE POWERED!

    -Brooke Milligan Florida
    Robert Cheeke
    "Let yourself be silently drawn by the strong pull of what you love" -Annonymous

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