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Thread: Why American Humane Association lie!

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    Default Why American Humane Association lie!

    You can find article below on

    Am I only person who is disgusted about biggest lie of American Humane Association to cover up death of two horses have been killed in the filming of movie My Friend Flicka?
    AHA is telling American public that no animal is harmed to make this movie!
    How many animals have been killed to make violent movie and AHA is kept telling people that no animals were harmed?
    AHA need to stop being friend of movie maker and start protecting movie animals.

    What is your opinion?

    Lights Camera Cruelty
    FROM PETA: The film industry hoodwinks filmgoers and television viewers with the American Humane Association's (AHA) misleading "No animals were harmed" seal of approval. The AHA does not monitor the training of animals or their living and transport conditions. Its guidelines are vague, and it rarely, if ever, files formal complaints against studios or production houses. In fact, the AHA actively defends the use of animals in productions despite its inherent cruelty. On April 25, 2005, a horse died during the filming of a movie called Flicka. According to eyewitnesses, handlers had been seen intentionally agitating and punching the animals. One of the horses, apparently frightened and nervous, became entangled in a heavy, 30-foot rope wrapped around her neck and fell and broke her neck. Production set employees who saw the incident report that the ropes had posed a clear danger. Further, they report that no one from the AHA took action to stop the scene, even though California penal code prohibits tethering animals in such a manner that the animal may become entangled or injured. Only when this horrific tragedy was made public did the AHA publicly confirm that another horse had been euthanized two weeks earlier after breaking his leg in a similar incident. Despite their size, horses are very fragile and are easily frightened. While horses are among the most commonly used animals in film production, they receive the least protection, as they are excluded from federal regulation under the Animal Welfare Act. AHA's reported inaction in response to the risky horse stunts isn't surprising. Recently, PETA has asked the AHA to incorporate some very simple guidelines (see: to help reduce the abuse of great apes by the film industry. These include requiring that animal suppliers comply with the federal Animal Welfare Act, ensuring that infants are not traumatized by pulling them from their mothers, and clarifying in its disclaimer that the AHA does not monitor pre-production training, during which beatings often occur. The AHA has refused to respond to PETA's simple and repeated requests. The AHA's film-monitoring unit is funded by the Screen Actors Guild. In other words, it is paid by the very industry that it is monitoring. That's a clear conflict of interest. The protection of animals is going to take a back seat to the needs of Hollywood producers and directors. The entertainment industry shouldn't be policing itself when it comes to the use of animals on movie sets. PETA is calling on the AHA to rate Flicka "Monitored Unacceptable," to cooperate with authorities investigating the horse deaths, and to make an announcement to the public immediately if any animals die on the set in the future. How To Help: Please ask the AHA to take a clear stand against cruelty to animals on sets. Urge it to prohibit scenes that pose a clear danger to animals, to immediately disclose to the public information about animal deaths on movie sets, and to implement PETA's simple recommendations concerning the use of great apes in films: Marie Belew Wheatley President and CEO American Humane Association 63 Inverness Dr. E. Englewood, CO 80112 303-792-9900 303-792-5333 (fax) you can contact them from their website with your concerns at:
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    Default Re: Why American Humane Association lie!

    Wow! That is disgusting! I've often wondered about those notes you see in the movie credits "no animal was harmed in the making of this film". Now I know that you can't really believe them after all.

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    Default Re: Why American Humane Association lie!

    That sounds terrible!!!

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    I think Snaffler had a post about this a few months ago with a petition to sign.

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