Does anyone have a vegan recipe for fruit jellies? By jellies I mean the small jellies bought in bags and eaten as sweets, not the sort you eat out of a pudding bowl with a spoon?

I note that many of the commercial fruit jellies are vegan or nearly vegan. Thorton's fruit jelies are vegan according to the company. The ingredients don't seem to list anything that looks like a jelling agent, apart from "commutated" (or similar spelling) lemon and orange. The waitrose fruit jellies list pectin as their jelling agent. These aren't, AFAIK vegan, but I think that's due to colouring or "natural flavours" of some sort.

Hence I'm thinking that it should be easy to make your own fruit jellies, but I haven't found any recipes. Does anyone know a recipe I could try? As a start, I don't mind what type or flavour of fruit jellies I make, I just want a recipe that works. I have a sugar thermometer.