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Thread: Mmmm...Pake...(You heard me: Pake)

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    Default Mmmm...Pake...(You heard me: Pake)

    Hi Friends,
    So, as you may or may not know, August is National Sandwich Month. I've been celebrating all month long, and I hope you have too. As you probably don't know (or care, for that matter, and rightly so, not knowing me and all) August is also the month of my B-day. Specifically, it's next Tuesday. For that wonderful day, my roommie Aimee has agreed to help me make a Pake. That is, a cake with a pie sandwiched inside.
    Here's where the forum post comes in: I have an idea of how to make a Pake, but nothing concrete, so any suggestions there would certainly be welcome. More importantly, I have absolutely no idea what kind of Pake I want to make. The options are twice as endless as the variations on cake or pie (twice as endless??...meh), so I'd like suggestions for that. Finally, if anyone has any ideas for something other than a Pake, that continues the sheer cosmic joy that is National Sandwich Month, I'd also love to hear ideas for that. Even if you don't have any ideas, thanks just for reading.


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    Default Re: Mmmm...Pake...(You heard me: Pake)

    A cake with a pie inside?

    May I have the honour of being the first to say, "urgh"?

    A pie with a cake inside, that's where it's at. Mm, bakewell tarts =D

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    Default Re: Mmmm...Pake...(You heard me: Pake)

    Well there you go - I didn't even know it was national sandwich month.

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    Default Re: Mmmm...Pake...(You heard me: Pake)

    I think I'm going to pit my dates and sandwich some dark chocolate inside. Thanks for the idea!

    P.S. - Good luck on the Pake.
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    So, Chef Deb (from was kind enough to offer several suggestions for Pakes to bake:

    Vanilla cake with coconut cream pie in the middle.
    Chocolate cake with peanut butter pie in the middle.
    Strawberry cake with banana cream pie in the middle.

    Right now I think I'm leaning towards the Strawberry, but the first one sounds really good too....any votes?

    And on a personalized note:
    miss_laura- I'm guessing that by "urgh", you mean you don't like it? If that's the case, may I then inquire what kind(s) you've tried that you didn't care for? On an unrelated note, I've actually never had a bakewell tart. Can you recommend a good recipe?

    Roxy-Sorry about the late notice; I should really have made a post at the beginning of the month....although I was really a very infrequent visitor of the forums at the time. On August 1st, I brought in a sandwich made from an entire loaf of French bread to work, and I'm bringing in Joe-Joes sandwich cookies to my dance studio tonight.

    Dianecrna- I've been craving chocolate for a while, and just didn't know how to eat it. Thanks for the idea!


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    Default Re: Mmmm...Pake...(You heard me: Pake)

    hi Squeakity

    i'd never heard of pake until now...sounds interesting! your birthday's the day before mine by the way - have a great day!
    'The word gorilla was derived from the Greek word Gorillai (a "tribe of hairy women")'

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    Default Re: Mmmm...Pake...(You heard me: Pake)

    Hi Gorilla! You should also bake a Pake for your B-day! Really, there's no such thing as a Pake, and there won't be until one of us makes it. I'm endlessley entertained by the absurd, the decadent, and the mundane made extraordinary. So, to celebrate National Sandwich Month, I wanted to develop something appropriate. I'm dissatisfied that I wasn't able to think of something more creative than just sandwiching a pie inside a cake, but I do like my new word (Pake). Still open to ideas, of course.


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