6 oz flour and coco powder. use half and half or 4 coco 2 flour for more intense chocolate taste.

6 oz fresh breadcrumbs (use a white loaf (I know!) and use a blender to produce nice fine breadcrumbs)

4 oz vegetable suet

2 oz caster sugar

2 tsp of bicarb

pinch of salt

soya milk

half a mashed banana if you like banana. Or a few tbl spoons of golden syrup or a handful of chopped cherries or some chunks of chocolate...whatever really...the beauty of this recipe is you really can't f**k it up like a cake...i've done all of the above and it turns out really nice.

Mix all the dry ingredients first. Then if you're going to add some syrup...warm the milk and add the syrup or just add the milk. The more syrup you use the stickier the pudding which is quite nice.

now mix enough milk into the mixture to get a nice soft driopping consistency but not runny.

Put it in a greased bowl and steam either in a steamer (ideal) or float bowl in a pan of water with a towel secured around the lid. for about 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

Now for the chocolate sauce I just use a mixture of melted plain chocolate, icing sugar and soya cream.