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    Yesterday on abc-tv 'Compass', an interesting program appeared about a quite remarkable woman called Juliette de Barach Levy. She is an expert on the medicinal use of herbs, not just for humans but for non-humans too. She has some beautiful Afghan dogs that are her constant companions, and this woman is also a writer. She concentrates on traditional therapies used by peasants and gypsies.

    She is rather reclusive and loves the gardens she has created, and because she prefers to live in harmony with the universe she insists on a vegetarian food regimen. Her dogs are omnivores but they also eat plenty of vegies. She lives in Crete, and is so dismayed by the way our waterways, air, and earth are so polluted, and feels driven away by the sounds of shooting the beautiful birds, including the tiny robin. As tiny as it is, these shooters eat them! She has also travelled to the US and given talks to students at universities.

    I was so impressed with this woman's lifestyle, and it is so evident that her lifestyle is really what so many intelligent people would prefer, but it is hard for so many to give up the consumer society.

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    That's what we're trying to do....not to consume. We don't buy the latest fashion fads and we recycle, only use local and farm shops etc 90% of the time. But it's not easy. Life is geared up for the consumer these days.
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