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    There is this recipe I want to make but it calls for chicken broth. Instead I want to use vegetable broth. Is there such a thing? If so can I purchase it at Wal-mart or do I have to make it and if so how?

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    In most grocery stores they carry "no chicken" chicken broth. You can find it in the "healthy" food section.

    Good Luck.
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    There are tons of veg. broths and vegetable bouillon cubes out there

    You could also use onion bouillon or herb bouillon cubes!

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    Swanson sells both an organic vegetable broth and a regular vegetable broth in cans, if you want the premade kind. I think you can get them at wal-mart, but it's been so long since I've shopped at wal-mart that I don't really remember. Personally, though, I recommend the Rapunzel brand vegetable boullion. It comes dry in a jar and lasts for months and tastes great. I know you can get it at Dierberg's, but I don't know if you have any near where you live. Maggi vegetable boullion cubes have MSG in them, so I do not recommend that if you are bothered by MSG.

    If nothing else, you can find a good recipe for homemade broth on the internet, or if your recipe is a soup, just use water in place of the broth and let the soup simmer longer than you normally would to let the flavors of the veggies soak into the water.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for the help! I just cut up tons of vegetables and boiled them in water and added herbs, it tastes so good!

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