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Thread: Compassion makes caring people become veg*ns

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    Lightbulb Compassion makes caring people become veg*ns

    January 15, 2006,

    Your article "Don't get chicken about chicken" (Sunday Tribune, January 8, 2006) wherein the author mentions the various diseases relating to animals, I would like to suggest that the reasons such diseases are on the increase is because of modern, inhumane factory farming methods.

    Any compassionate human being who is aware of the torture and horror inflicted on the animals should have no hesitation in converting to vegetarianism or become vegan.

    Take veal for example. Calves chosen for the veal factory live a maximum of four months. During that time they are put through living hell in order to satisfy consumers with a white, tender meat.

    These calves are taken away from their mothers only one day after birth and placed in individual stalls that are hardly bigger than the calf.

    They are usually tied at the neck so that they do not develop muscles and the meat stays tender.

    The calf is fed "milk replacer" which is full of fat for the calf to gain weight rapidly. The diet is totally iron free - so the flesh is totally anaemic - it keeps it white.

    The stall contains no bedding or straw for fear that the calf may eat it, giving it some iron. The barn is pitch dark to keep them quiet. At about 15 weeks the animals are so weak and unhealthy that they are whisked off to be butchered at the slaughterhouse. There they are supposed to be stunned before being killed.

    Often this does not happen and the animals are tied upside down by their legs and sent terrified along the production line to be cut up live. Please don't console yourself that the animals are not aware of their fate, they are emotionally terrified and fully aware of the impending horror that awaits them.

    Chickens are no better off as they are crammed into cages where each chicken has about an A4 size space to live in. The stress this creates would cause them to peck each other to death, so what does mankind do? Cut off their beaks with a red hot iron - without any anaesthetic. Often their legs get broken as their bodies grow too fast to withstand the weight.

    They too never see the sunshine. The deplorable manner in which the animals are transported to their violent death often results in broken bones and some animals are trampled to death. The misery never ends.

    Pigs are often thrown alive into boiling water. While still alive they are castrated, also without anaesthetic.

    By consuming these products, the consumer is part of this horror, and responsible and compassionate people need to review their eating habits for many reasons.

    So if you really want to make the world a better place for future generations, if you really call yourself an animal lover, if you are genuinely concerned about the starving millions, if you want to be healthy, if you want to please God and if you want to eradicate mad cow disease, bird flu etc, do the right thing - become vegetarian or vegan.

    In this way you will be helping secure a future for mankind before his own greed and selfishness ensures that the world's most dangerous species eradicates itself.

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    Default Re: Compassion makes caring people become veg*ns

    Nice that the paper printed this opinion. I wonder if the NY Times would ever print such an opinion?
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