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I am a vegan and this is the type of stuff I make and eat everyday.

This plate features some of my favorite things, Avocados, Peppers and Hot Sauce. This plate is great to make when everything is fresh from the market and the Red Peppers are still crisp.

This is another very quick plate to make. Total time, less than 4 minutes.

I started by cutting a large Organic Red Bell Pepper in half. Be careful to cut around the peppers top. You want to cut out the top stem and the seeds inside. You can toss them in your compost pile if you have one. We donít but I wish we did. Okay, after removing the seeds, rinse the pepper off with some spring water or filtered water. Then place the pepper halves on your plate.

Next, find your avocado. The best avocadoís for this are the heavy oily kind. Like a Hass. Hass have a dark rippled skin, and rich, creamy flesh inside. They are the most common type. Find organic ones if you can. Cut open the avocado and take a spoon and remove the flesh from the inside and stuff it into the Bell Pepper halves.

Then sprinkle a little sea salt on top of the avocado and pepper. Next, find your Cilantro, Chives, Mint Leaves, Green Kale, and Dandelion leaves. Take about a handful of the Cilantro leaves and cut them up pretty roughly about half inch between cuts. You want to see the leaves in whole pieces when your done. Then take about a handful of the Chives, Mint, Green Kale and Dandelions combined, (so one handful of a mix of these items) and cut them up much finer. Just place them on the cutting board and start chopping with cuts very close together.

Now take the chopped leaves and stuff them into the Red Bell Pepper halves. The Avocado will help hold the leaves in place. On top of this just add a tiny amount of olive oil. Very little, about half a teaspoon for both halves.

Next comes the Tomatoes. I prefer the Farmers Market Organic Heirloom tomatoes, but you canít always get those. So, the next best choice is the little Organic cherry tomatoes from the Super Market, or the Vine Ripen Cherry Tomatoes. Take again about a handful of which ever tomatoes you have and cut them up in 4 directions, making tiny wedges. Sprinkle them on top of the Red Bell Pepper halves.

Next, take you Purple Cabbage and cut it into thin strips. Again about 1/2 inch wide. This will go on the side of the plate next to the Bell Peppers. After cutting them up, just toss them on the plate.

Last step. Take a tiny amount of Hot Sauce, something mild. I like the Whole Foods 365 Organic Hot Sauce or some fresh Organic Salsa. Take the Hot Sauce and spread it lightly over the Peppers and the Purple Cabbage. Then very lightly toss some Sea Salt and Black Pepper over everything. This is just to taste. I use very little. Just a few dashes. Then cut a Organic Lime in half and squeeze the juice over everything.

Thats it. Your done. Sit down and enjoy. This is a very tasty quick and fresh lunch or dinner.


Organic Large Red Bell Pepper

Organic Cilantro

2 Leaves

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes or Cherry Tomatoes

Large Slice
Organic Purple Cabbage

4 Leaves
Organic Baby Dandelion

10 Leaves
Organic Mint Leaves

1 Large
Organic Green Kale Leaf

1/2 of
Organic Lime

1 Large
Hass or other oily type Organic Avocado

1/2 Teaspoon
Organic Olive Oil

Sea Salt

1/2 Tea Spoon
365 Whole Foods Hot Sauce


Table Spoon
Organic Salsa