Hey everyone! Is anyone familiar with The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook? Well, I think it's amazing, and they have a section on making your own tempeh, which I'm really excited about trying, seeing as how you can make tempeh of all sorts of beans and grains, and I'd rather make my own than buy it. My biggest problem is that you have to buy "tempeh starter" which can get kind of expensive, but The Farm tells you how to grow your own tempeh starter. Apparently just one packet of tempeh starter can grow you an infinite amount of homemade tempeh starter! But.... the directions are kind of confusing/overwhelming and involve a pressure cooker which I don't have and am a little afraid of getting b/c ive heard scary stories.... now on to my point for posting. I want to get in contact w/ anyone here who:
a. Has made their own tempeh/tempeh starter and has some pointers for me
b. Knows any good websites with easy to understand directions for making tempeh starter or
c. Wants to make homemade tempeh too and be my new friend and tackle The Farm directions with me

Just reply here or email vondohlr@jmu.edu
Thanks all!