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Thread: "Breakthrough" - a documentary about a raw vegan family

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    Talking "Breakthrough" - a documentary about a raw vegan family

    I just came across a documentary film about a family's raw vegan lifestyle. The film is called Breakthrough and it's supposed to come out this season! I'm very excited!

    Has anyone heard about this?
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    Default Re: "Breakthrough" - a documentary about a raw vegan family

    Yes, I heard about it on the family's website, It's a great site. Storm has been a faw foodist for over 30 years, and he and his wife are raising all their children (they have 4 or 5 I think) raw as well. I was most interested in the part of the site that is written by Storm's wife, who didn't go raw until after meeting him. She talks of her daily struggle to stay raw, and about how much it's improved her health. They mention the documentary and you can see a preview on the site as well, though I forget where. I had no idea the documentary was coming to theatres though! That's great!
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    I am so glad you posted this! Years ago, had heard about the Talifero family and couldn't recall from where. When I checked out there site, it all came back - and more. They are an inspiring and vibrant family.

    I've ordered the DVD and now have them lovingly bookmarked. Only recently returned to vegan eating and still eat up to 50% daily meals cooked.

    Thanks for sharing this,

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