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    Hey, i don't know if this has been posted before, i wanted to ask a question - my friend told me yesterday that each bar of chocolate has, on average, about 8 insect legs in it (!) I was a bit grossed out by this, so i did some googling and found this - (it's a list of what's allowed to go in our food and what's not, i.e insects, molds, rodent hair etc).

    I'm getting a bit freaked out by food now, i know the obvious thing to do would be to cook everything from scratch from ingredients myself, so i know what's in it. However sometimes it's just so much easier to reach for frozen/canned things.

    So...should i let this bother me so much? What would you guys do, go on eating things like that or avoid them all together? I'm so confused right now! Also, are people still allowed to label things as vege/vegan if they've got that contamination in them..?
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    Yeah, and appearantly even peanut butter has insects in it too. And if you buy fresh lettuces, a lot of times, you find dead insects squished between the leaves. Dried figs have dead wasps inside of them.

    If it does bother you, you can cook everything from scratch. Personally, I try the best I can and I try not to sweat all the small stuff that may or may not be there. (Some people might not agree with this idea but that's fine, I do what *I* see fit)
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