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    What part of Ireland Turtle? You'll have to be a bit more specific!

    Have you checked yet? If not, it's the best resource for finding a place in Ireland. You should also check out the veggie and vegan section on

    Being perfectly honest however, I don't think that your chances of finding such a place are great. I don't know of any fully vegetarian houseshares in Galway (where I'm from) or Dublin (where I live). Best of luck though, and let me know if it works out!
    Thanks Barry, yeah you're right, I did try daft and have been looking for 2 years now.. I moved into a "vegetarian" house last year but sadly I had no idea that fish and chilli con carne were vegetables so I had to move out out of sheer mortification! ;p

    I'm looking anywhere in Ireland really! Obviously good access to Dublin would be ideal but I kind of gave up on Dublin and Wicklow a while back and just looking for somewhere with a fairly decent transport system at this stage, currently I have to cycle 5 miles to a bus stop! Great in summer.. not such a pleasantry in winter!
    I think I'll have to just head abroad at this stage. I was very lucky up until a few years ago but with rent prices not budging here, living alone is just not doable for me right now, less I want to work my ass off and then I've no time to actually live and too knackered to be bothered If ya know what I mean!

    Thanks again tho : )

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    Have you tried asking the Irish vegetarian and vegan societies if they know anyone looking for a lodger? Or on the Irish vegetarian forum on Are you in Ireland currently, if so where do you live?

    (Sorry for the barrage of questions!)
    Houmous atá ann!

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