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Thread: Runny almond butter???

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    I just bought for the first time a jar of almond butter. It sounded really good and I thought I could substitute it sometimes for peanut butter in my sandwiches, etc. But it is really runny, not thick at all. Is this normal? Or maybe I should just try a different brand?

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    i stir it up really good and then it is not so runny- that's how it is with wholefoods brand, at least. almond butter is my favorite

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    Hi deb,
    The oil floats to the top when the almond butter sits on the market shelf, so do stir it up as mophoto suggests, or you will find a very stiff hard layer at the bottom of the jar. I like to turn the jar upside down for a few days after I buy some, as the oil will be at the bottom and when I stir it it is easier to mix thoroughly.

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    it will be less runny straight from the fridge...but i find that almond butter usually doesn't have the same consistency as peanut butter.. but it's still good!

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