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    Default Vitamin-B Complex

    I am looking into taking Vitamin-B Complex supplements, as I feel that they might help me. I hear that they can help with things such as stress, fatigue, and depression. I am curious to hear any experiences (and of any good brands).

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    i find they help me with stress/depression, Pisces. I use Quest Mega B 50 - my doctor advised me to use a high-strength one.

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    I take a B12 only but have seen a few different B-complex supplements in stores. [I'm in the US though]. I would check to see if your hormones levels and amino acid intakes look okay before taking the B-complex though. The issues you listed may not be helped with B-complex supplementation.
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    Yes, I agree with LMNOP ( I just figured it out!). Start taking some in the mean time but also check with your doctor. You may not need to take them or you may need a higher dosage (like a shot in the butt every week) or there could be something else wrong with you.
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