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supplements for toddlers?
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Thread: supplements for toddlers?

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    Default supplements for toddlers?

    hi all! i am a veggie mom moving onto vegan. i am concerned about my son getting what he needs, as i am new to veganism and he is a very picky eater. i never force him to eat, i try to keep it relaxed and enjoyable. i try extremly hard to provide balanced meals (vegan) but rarely will he eat a little of everything i give him (i know very typical for a 16 month old) i guess i just need a little reassurance. should i be giving him some supplements? side note...i still breastfeed him. we co sleep and he feeds throughout the night and also nurses to sleep, so he is continueing to get the good stuff from his momma. thanks for any advice. i am trying to further my education by obtaining good nutritional books on the vegan diet (becoming vegan, for one).

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    Hi VMomma.. Welcome to the forum..

    Please see the following thread.. You might find good info there.


    and some info here too


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    thanks kiran! i very much appreciate it. i didn't want to duplicate other posts, and in retrospect, i realize i did. my time is very limited with my toddler! thanks again!

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