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Thread: Does B12 deficiency cause liver damage?

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    Unhappy Does B12 deficiency cause liver damage?

    Hey, everybody.

    I went to the doctor yesterday because friends and family said my skin color looked off. Today we got the results from my blood tests and they said I had liver damage. Apparently, my doctor's off today and one of the nurses was giving the information instead. She wasn't very specific and I'm not very intelligent, so I didn't get too much out of the conversation. She did mention B12 and that I'd have to take an injection that contained 'animal'.

    I'm not sure how bad the damage is... But I'd like to know if there's anyway around the injections. I'm afraid to face the doctors, because I know they think my diet is stupid; and will no doubt force the injection on me. I knew I should've seen a dietitian when I became vegan... I know I haven't been doing it right... That's why I'm here. Please help.

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    I've seen articles suggesting that both too high and too low B12 levels are associated with liver problems - liver damage can also cause B12 deficiency. A B12 deficiency can have many reasons, low B12 intake in diet being one of them.

    Personally, I think people who are not on a vegan diet have more reasons to contact a dietician than vegans, but nevertheless, B12 is an important nutrient that both vegans and others should make sure they have healthy levels of.

    I wouldn't worry about the doctor - since several reports show that circa 40% of all non-vegans have low B12 levels, not being a vegan doesn't guarantee high B12 levels either.

    If you look around (we have a search engine), you'll find some discussion about whether severe B12 deficiency (if that's what you have) needs injections to be cured, but if I were in your shoes, I'd try to get as much info as possible from the doctor who knows your case, or - if they know little about nutrients, B12 etc (many doctors don't!), try to find someone else...

    It has been discovered that B12 deficiencies that earlier were treated with injections also may be treated with oral B12 supplements, but the only way to find out what works and what doesn't in your case, is IMO to get personal advice from someone who knows your case. Liver damage is not something one would want to experiment with...

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Does B12 deficiency cause liver damage?

    One more thing: liver problems can definitely cause B12 deficiency, but liver damage is not often mentioned as a result of B12 deficiency - the one case I saw was something I came across while reading about some unpleasant tests on pigs...

    Some doctors who knows little or nothing about vegan nutrition, may want to blame your diet for everything in your life that possible may go wrong, but don't let that worry you - just make sure you get as well as possible as soon as possible, and if you are low in B12, the best solution (after having curing the deficiency ASAP, if you have one) is IMO is to make sure you don't live in a way that kills too much B12 (the stuff that kills B12 normally isn't very popular with other nutrients either), and of course - make sure you get enough B12, if needed by adding B12 to your diet by using fortified food or supplements.

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