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Thread: Disney - vegan friendly or not?

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    Default Disney - vegan friendly or not?

    Does Disney support or fund causes and activities that are against vegan values? I know they have the Animal Kingdom park, which basically uses animals for entertainment, just like zoos. I've never been there, but I've been to the other Disney parks a long time ago, and thinking about it made me want to go there again sometime.

    I'm sure there are good and bad things, I just wanted to know if the bad ones greatly outweigh the good ones...
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    Default Re: Disney - vegan friendly or not?

    I don't know if Disney is vegan friendly or not but there was a protest against disney because their gadgets in the Mc Donalds happy meals, and also like every other mutlinational for the exploitment of people in vietnam, birmania and indonesia and haiti... Not to talk about all the other sectors they have bisness into like comunication, textiles, buildings and so on..

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    Their toys are manufactured by children in sweatshops.

    Here's quite an interesting article:

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    talking of Disney , they have done something right:,00.html

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