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Thread: total liberation website events

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    Default total liberation website events

    this website is advertsing a benefit gig for
    in Southapmton this Saturday May20th 2006 and thought I would pass it on.

    It is also saying a knew thread about Heather Mills McCartney and the fur trade .

    Here it is :

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    The totalliberation webpages are amazing and very good never heard of them before really good stuff, just bought a very funky t-shirt from them as well.

    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams

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    has your t-shirt arrived yet?Hope you like it

    Anyway, I was just re-visiting the website when I noticed they aer asking people to : - Latest Alerts

    Colgate-palmolive, are one of the worlds biggest producers of toothpaste and other household products, They are always trying to hide under a cruelty free image, while their slogan ''WORLD OF CARE'' makes them sound so caring but if their products were labelled ''WE TEST ON ANIMAL'S'' then consumers would see it diffrent.

    The Brittish dental association have been supporting Colgate-palmolive for many years now, So it is time for us to stop them from supporting Colgate. The BDA are aware that Colgate test on animal and also know that its cruel and unnesary and still support Colgate.



    Please either send them your own message or use the sample letter below!


    64 Wimpole Street
    W1G 8YS
    Tel: 020 7563 4545


    Dear sir/madam

    I am writing to voice my concern that you support Colgate-Palmolive who kill hundreds of animals just so we can use their products. In one test for their Hills pet nutrition 35 cats were used in an experiment to establish the sodium requirements in adult cats. The cats were divided into groups and fed diets containing varying degrees of sodium. Blood samples were taken at varying intervals. Cats fed the low sodium diet showed loss of appetite and reduction in body weight. The cats were individually housed in small cages for four weeks. Cats kept in confined spaces tend to develop stress-related abnormal behaviours. Small cages provide no space for movement or species-related behaviours such as claw sharpening or play. This is not only pointless but cruel as many other companies are not condcuting animal testing while Colgate continue to torture animals.

    Plesae re-consider your position in reccommending Colgate Palmolive products and contact the boycott colgate campaign to affirm your position, at

    Kind Regards
    [insert your name here]

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