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Thread: Carrots Turning Green In Baked Goods?

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    Default Carrots Turning Green In Baked Goods?

    Okay, this is bizarre....over the weekend I made super healthy muffins. They had oat bran, flax meal apples, carrots, nuts, etc...

    I refrigerated them the same day as it's quite warm here. So this morning I pull them out of fridge for breakfast and since I was in my usual morning stupor it took me a few seconds to realize the carrot shreds in the muffins were green. It looked like shredded unpeeled zucchini.

    So aside from just looking gross I didn't know if I should eat them. I mean I don't think it's mold, I think it's some sort of chemical reaction, but my question is are they safe to eat??

    Has anyone ever heard of this before?
    Btw , just stuck muffins back in fridge and took pnb & banana sandwich for breakfast.

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    Default Re: Carrots Turning Green In Baked Goods?

    I have never heard of this one but if only the carrot shreds were green then I'm sure it was a chemical reaction.
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