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Thread: Thank you - and need some advice (a bit long...)

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    Default Thank you - and need some advice (a bit long...)

    Hi all,
    First off, I want to really thank all of you who replied to my post about weight gain. I've been struggling with weight all my life (beginning when my mom took me to Weight Watchers for the first time at the age of 14 - let's just say I got my weight obsession and unhealthy attitude towards body image from somewhere!) so when I saw the gain (and me being so small) I hit the panic button. I came close several times to chucking veganism and going back to vegetarian lowcarbing but this board along with slowing down to consider how I was eating then and how healthy I am eating now and now great I feel physically and ethically, I've held on and I think I'm going to pull through.

    And FYI - I weighed myself this morning, first time since Friday (I know, not good to weigh more than once a week but I was too stressed) and I am down a pound, so I think my body is starting to ajust and if I don't see another loss, then at least I won't be gaining weight .

    Now, on another issue (yes, there was a point to this post... )

    In another week, I'll be starting a hectic schedule of traveling and moving. I'll be in San Francisco for 2 weeks attending a conference and visiting with my brother. My parents are coming out (they live abroad) as well and at the end of June we all fly back here to TX where they help me pack up my stuff (I just finished my master's in TX and I'm moving on to a PhD in South Dakota). Then we're driving up to SD (about a week on the road, making a road trip out of it) and then we'll have a few weeks for apartment hunting and moving in there.

    So... I need some strategies on how to stay vegan during this time. Up until now (except for the weight gain issue!) it's been very easy because I live by myself and cook my own meals. However, in SF I'll be at my brother's for 2 weeks which, on the one hand, is great, since we'll probably mostly be eating at his place, with my mom cooking, but on the other hand, isn't, because his significant other is very picky about her kitchen and I have a feeling my brother is going to find it a big joke that I've gone vegan (he's in his 40's but just can't seem to let go of that idiotic jr. high sense of humor ) Also, I'll be attending a conference for 4 days, which I'm thinking is not going to be vegan-friendly (even though this is the Bay Area!)

    After that, my only worry is the road trip I'll be taking with my parents. Thank goodness they are not fast-food people at all and they know I would rather eat at a Denny's sit-down restaurant than a Wendy's, but I'm antiscipating we'll be driving through some rural areas.

    So, any tips on what I might be able to eat? I'm thinking for the conference, I'll take along with me some soy nuts so if I'm stuck eating fruit and/or a salad, I'll at least have some form of protein. Also, my mom is bringing me some baked chickpeas (my parents live in the Middle East where baked chickpeas are a snack) which I'm thinking would be a great on-the-road protein as well. Any other suggestions, though?

    Sorry this post is so long!


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    Default Re: Thank you - and need some advice (a bit long...)

    Congrats on getting your masters, first off!

    If you're thinking the conference may not be vegan friendly I'd phone ahead to warn them in advance and check if they are likely to have options for you - you may be pleasantly surprised

    As well as the chickpeas, nuts are a good source of protein, and although they're high in fat it's good fat and tends to actually help weightloss (according to a study I read and now can't find a link to. I can dig around for it if you're interested though).

    I know many people swear by Clif, Lara or other fruit/nut combo bars as well, as a good emergency standby. I'm sure there are several threads on good things to take on camping/road trips on here as well - if you do a search I bet you'll find some useful stuff

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    Default Re: Thank you - and need some advice (a bit long...)

    yes congrats! i start my MA in sept (eek)
    i can empathise about your unhealthy attitude to weight aswell...i was extremely fat as a kid, and a teenager, and crash dieted down to under 6 stone in my late 23 now and a pretty 'normal' size.,but i beleive my metabolic rate is not what it should be and my weight goes up and down all the time, being vegan has definitly helped to steady it.i think its just the ease of making vegna healthy food.hopefully this will work for you too!

    as regards stayin at soemoens house...when i stay at my parents or away i take things with me like tofu,vegan salad dressings,thigns that can be substituted so you can essentially eat the same as the others but with a few changes.this is what i do...but it also totally depends on what types of food the others wil be is sometimes a good idea to plan a shopping trip together whilst you are there then you can make them pick vegan substitutes t tings they already have.chickpeas are a good start, alot of pasta sauce is vegan anywyas...ti is great that you cook all your own meals anyways maybe you can even cook an amazin vegan meal for them all one day and introduce them.
    it sounds as if yuor mom is understnading and supportive so that is great!
    I hve found my weight is steadied if i eat a lot of veggies and healthy staples like quinoa and tofu.

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    Default Re: Thank you - and need some advice (a bit long...)

    yes, congrats!!

    when i go to my dads house, (meat eaters galore) i usually eat pretty basic. baked potatoes, salads, fruits, maybe some canned goods. i usually bring a bag of brown rice and vegan butter and soy sauce. trailmix is a great high protein road food. i lost weight whilst eating that regularly as snacks. pasta is also really easy and simple, all you need to do is cook it and add sauce. if you just stick to basic foods im sure youll be fine!
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    Default Re: Thank you - and need some advice (a bit long...)

    Thank you all for the support (again!) and the tips. I didn't think about Cliff/Luna fruit/nut bars but I'll have to look those up. I do plan on going shopping with my mom (who plans on doing all the cooking) so I'll be able to pick up stuff like tofu and TVP. My family are big veggie and fruit eaters, thank goodness, no worries there .

    And thank you for the congrats on the MA - I actually just got the degree in the mail so it feels good to have that over with (even though I love studying and teaching and enjoyed every minute of it).

    Now to get through the PhD...


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    Default Re: Thank you - and need some advice (a bit long...)

    Whenever I stay in someone's home I usually bring my own "protein" (frozen veggie patties, links, tofu hot dogs...) margarine, soymilk, and coffee creamer. Hopefully, my "host" will provide the rest, such as fresh fruit, veggies, bread, salads etc. This worked wonderfully for me when I visited my family in Europe last year. My relatives usually made a dinner consisting of rice or potatoes with meat and a salad. All I had to do was to fry my own veggie patties. Perfect! It usually works out with a little effort from both sides (you by bringing some stuff and they modifying side dishes)
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