Hey Ya'll,

I just got this e-mail from Tonya Kay (who is a main star of Vegan Fitness Built Naturally).

Hey, I'm from a farmtown, you guys. I grew up popping tar bubbles for fun in the summer
months. In the winter it was knocking icicles off the roof - when I wasn't shut up in my
bedroom drawing psychedelic ink masterpieces listening to Alice In Chains like a good
little morbidly artistic, fatally introverted small town teen, of course. I'm serious:
this shite isn't supposed to happen ...

But it does!

Run out a get TV Guide (June 5-11 issue, p.35) and you'll see a real life whip wielding
super hero! I'm also in Entertainment Weekly (June 9, p.73) right next to Stan Lee.
These are the current issues, so don't hesitate on your way to the news stand or through
the check out line.

I love it when I hear of my friends and family succeeding. It just means it can be done.

What realities are dreams come true in your life?

- tonya kayos


PS - Whip and Knife Throwing Duet: Sister Kayos and Jack Dagger, http://jackdagger.com